African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) has established this Knowledge Hub to share facts, figures and trends of its interventions.

The Knowledge Hub is designed to facilitate stakeholders’ use and re-use of AWARD data, information, and experience in implementing its initiatives.

Advancing AWARD’s commitment as a learning organization, this Knowledge Hub is a tool that consolidates, integrates, and synthesizes our data, information, and knowledge into a comprehensive, reliable, and accessible body of knowledge.

What will you get here?

This hub provides access to:

  • Quick facts and outcomes of our initiatives
  • Download simple synthesized knowledge products such as fact sheets about AWARD interventions
  • A centralized source of information on progress and outcomes
  • An evidence base and stories behind the numbers

The data and information on the portal is real-time and interactive, and are disaggregated according to AWARD’s thematic areas, programmatic interventions, and organized under subsets or categories to make it easy for the users to find information.

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